International Headache Society

​             "Advancing headache science, education and management and 
                              promoting headache awareness worldwide"

IHS is the world’s leading membership organization for those with a professional commitment to helping people affected by headache.


IHS was founded in 1982, incorporated in 1994 in England and Wales as a Company Limited by Guarantee and registered in 1995 as a charity no. 1042574. In 2005 the Society began a process of Strategic Planning, to restructure the Society and ensure success in achieving its goals in the future. New M&As were written in line with the Strategic Plan and were approved by the members during the 2008 AGM. ​

Statement of Purpose and Values 


IHS is an international professional organiz​ation working with others for the benefit of people affected by headache disorders. The purpose of IHS is to advance headache science, education, and management, and promote headache awareness worldwide.

1. Commitment to Excellence
IHS strives for excellence in its activities, and will set challenging but achievable goals.

2. Respect for Expertise
IHS values expertise and the full range of skills and disciplines that are needed for the realiz​ation of its objectives.

3. Respect for Science
IHS recognizes that good healthcare is based on evidence, and that the origins of evidence lie in responsible research and scientific method.

4. Commitment to Independence from Inappropriate Influence
IHS works for the public good and will not be influenced by commercial or other considerations that are contrary to the interests of people affected by headache disorders.

5. Commitment to Integrity, Openness and Accountability
IHS believes in transparency and honesty, which will characterise all its activities and which are expected of its members and of those with whom it has dealing.

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